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The Classic Series FAQs

The Classic series is a high-medium firm, meaning it provides firm localized support and prevents unwanted sinking or sway.

Yes but unlike traditional springs, the Classic series has a foam encased triple layered pocket coil system for extra support.

Double-Sided means we have the

bamboo charcoal fabric quilting on both sides, so if you ever wanted to refresh your mattress you could simply flip it.

If for any reason the Classic series isn't suiting you and you live in the GTA then worry not, the mattress comes with an extensive guarantee. Whether it's within our 14 day return period or our 100-night sleep guarantee, we've got you covered! 

See our Mattress Policy page for more detail.

All our mattresses are handmade right here in Toronto. If there's ever any issue with any of our mattresses we aim to rectify the issue at the first opportunity possible and the turnover time is very quick as the factories are all local. The warranty covers any malfunction or defect that either exist or may occur within 10 years after purchase.

Introducing the Classic Series!

 If you're looking for a firm pocket coil mattress with high feed back then the Classic Series is the right mattress for you. Using a diverse and layered pocket coil foundation combined with firm contouring foam, the Classic Series provides the amazing localized feedback support and pressure relief for a good nights sleep.

 The Story 

The Classic Series has been continuously evolving over the journey of our business and each time we try to improve on the mattress. Our goal was simple but not small, create a firm coil mattress with great response and contouring feel. We first made the Classic Series in continuous coil, the continuous design webs together the coils creating an even bed of metal wires and props them up using springs. Continuous coils are inexpensive and creates a firm mattress however the foundation lacks character, the surface is firm but becomes wobbly and very disruptive to partners while moving/adjusting.
We knew we could do better for our customer and searched for a foundation with better support, we started looking into pocket coils. Pocket coils are unique, imagine individual coils that are completely wrapped in fabric and placed side by side across the entire mattress. Since each coil is individually wrapped and not connected, a person could sit in one spot and only press down on the coils beneath them while the rest of the coils on the beds are unaffected. Aside from being great at preventing motion transfer the individual coils work even more localized, the coils are layered and varied in sizes. As you lay on the bed the coils give your body a very localized support, the individual coils give feedback to all the crooks and crevices throughout your body.
Now that we found the perfect foundation, we needed to add the comfort and durability. We started by adding the foam encased edge guard, adding a high density foam layer around the sides of the mattress for reinforcement. This not only helps prevent drooping or sagging while sitting on the sides, it also keeps the coils tightly packed together preventing the coils from swaying and losing integrity. We added some body contouring foam on top of the pocket coils for comfortable cushioning, this firm foam becomes the comfort layer on the surface that works with the coils to soften the direct support. We covered the top of the mattress with a charcoal infused bamboo fabric for a very soft and clean feel on contact. Finally we quilted both sides of the mattress making the Classic Series flippable, double-sided and very durable.
Above all we made sure to only use only high quality, eco-friendly and health conscious materials in our mattresses absent of any harsh chemicals or fire retardants. A good night sleep isn't simply just the support you get from the mattress, it's also the materials that you're exposed to in your bed so we strive to have a clean and safe mattress.



Individually-wrapped pocket coils with edge guard support gives a firm feeling while providing supportive comfort. The edge guard prevents the sides from sinking.


All our foam is certified free of harmful gasses, fire retardants and no formaldehyde


Compressed and rolled, the mattress comes shipped to you directly in a box 15"L x 15"W x 45"H

Proudly canadian-made

All our mattresses are made locally for Canadians, by Canadians, in the city of Toronto