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- FIRM LEVEL 8.5/10 (HIGH)
  • $399.00
  • $499.00

The Beauty Series FAQs

The Beauty series is a higher-medium firm mattress. The soft cool gel-memory foam contours your body while the high density base provides a good support foundation.

Yes, all the layers of the mattress are foam and CertiPUR certified organic.

Our memory foam is infused with cool-gel which naturally stays at a cooler temperature. As the cool-gel memory foam contours your body it regulates any excess heat and allows your body to lower it's temperature for deep sleep.

If for any reason the Beauty series isn't suiting you and you live in the GTA then worry not, the mattress comes with an extensive guarantee. Whether it's within our 14 day return period or our 100-night sleep guarantee, we've got you covered! 

See our Mattress Policy page for more detail.

All our mattresses are handmade right here in Toronto. If there's ever any issue with any of our mattresses we aim to rectify the issue at the first opportunity possible and the turnover time is very quick as the factories are all local. The warranty covers any malfunction or defect that either exist or may occur within 10 years after purchase.

Introducing The Beauty Series! 

If you're looking for a firm mattress with a plushy top then the Beauty Series is the right mattress for you. Using a firm high-density foundation to support a contouring memory gel top, the Beauty Series provides highly localized support and pressure relief throughout your body across the entire mattress.

The Story

We wanted to design a firm mattress for those looking for a higher supportive feel but we didn't want to make a generic foam mattress like everyone else. Most of the firm foam mattresses on market are designed with one to two layers of medium density poly foam between 1-1.3 PCF (Pound Per Cubic Foot) concentration, working together to provide firm support. These mattresses feel great in the beginning, the foam feels firm and some even feel hard before the PCF quality comes into play. The pound per cubic feet density of the foam mattress is essentially how much foam has been squeezed into the space of one cubic feet, a lower PCF would result in the foam sagging and drooping. These type of mattresses don't always last and then you're back to square one, on an unsupportive mattress.
We designed the foundation of the Beauty Series with a 1.8 PCF, a significantly more dense foam than the average foam mattresses sold on the market. Now that we had the high quality foundation, it just needed some icing to complete the cake. Instead of using a generic poly foam pillow top we've decided to upgrade the comfort layer by using specialized memory foam. We tried several different types of foam tops including several different types of memory foams. Traditional memory foam mattresses are very similar to poly foam but feel more elastic/contouring and retain heat, we use cooling gel-infused memory foam. The gel infused into our memory foam naturally remains at a cooler temperature and through the process of heat transfer, it regulates the excess heat and prevents your body from overheating. The gel-infused memory foam is much more dense than traditional memory foam meaning it's very elastic and viscous, the gel really easily contours your body and easily resets its shape when its not being used so it doesn't create a permanent imprint.
We had finally found the perfect combination, a firm high density base with a plushy, elastic cool-gel memory foam top. Together they work in amazing harmony, seamlessly transitioning from the contouring surface to the high density firm base. The Beauty Series gets it's name from the soft and breathable Tencel fabric cover on the mattress. We use a full drop top style to cover the entire mattress in a white colour fabric with minimalistic patterns. Aside from having a beautiful look the Tencel cover is also soft, smooth and breathable to prevent overheating.
Above all we made sure to only use only high quality, eco-friendly and health conscious materials in our mattresses absent of any harsh chemicals or fire retardants. A good night sleep isn't simply just the support you get from the mattress, it's also the materials that you're exposed to in your bed so we strive to have a clean and safe mattress.



Infused with a cooling gel to keep your body temperature regulated all night, the memory foam contours around your body to provide even, consistent support throughout.


All our foam is certified free of harmful gasses, fire retardants and no formaldehyde


Compressed and rolled, the mattress comes shipped to you directly in a box 15"L x 15"W x 45"H

Proudly canadian-made

All our mattresses are made locally for Canadians, by Canadians, in the city of Toronto