At EzySleep, we only use the highest quality foams and mattresses.

While we do not expect you to experience any malfunctions, if your bed mattress has been deemed defective and is covered under the warranty, no fee will be charged for any replacement or repair.

This limited warranty applies for 10 years from the original date of purchase or until transfer to another consumer.


In case a warranty situation does occur, your mattress will need to meet some criteria. It must be clean in order for us to bring back into our facilities to service, and during the home inspection, it must have a proper set-up. Some tips to keep your mattress in good condition and the warranty intact are:

1. Use a mattress protector (hygienically & physically important)

2. Use a suitable box spring, foundation, or platform bed. Bed slats spacing without a boxspring should not exceed 3″.

3. Rotate your mattress from head to toe every 6-8 months to ensure even wear. Only flip your mattress if it's double-sided.

4. The exchange can only occur in the original location the item was delivered and only applies within the GTA & surrounding cities.

NOTE: Not using a mattress protector will put your mattress at risk of having its warranty voided. There are no suitable ways to wash the exterior of the mattress, having a liquid-resistant mattress protector will keep you healthy and the mattresses exterior in great condition. EzySleep mattresses are meant to last and need to be taken care of as such. This is a long-term purchase.

The following are covered by the limited warranty:

1. Cushion indentation greater than 1.5” caused by degradation of the mattress from use, provided proper foundation is being used such as a flat hard surface, box spring and/or bed, etc. Using an uneven foundation like a dented boxspring or a stack of boxes may void the coverage.

2. Seam ripping greater than 2″.

3. Deterioration of the mattress such as foam splitting, cracking, or shifting/bending coils, provided the mattress is being used for sleep. Non-sleep use of the mattress such as exercise/sports or any other beating/pounding will void the warranty.

The following are not covered by the limited warranty:

1. A normal increase in softness that naturally occurs from continued usage for any period of time.

2. A change in mattress preference (feel, type, model, size, etc.)

3. Damage caused by liquids, stains and burns.

4. Indentation or deterioration due to use of a poor, uneven foundation.

5. Other irregularities such as pilling, loose or stitches coming undone due to wear/use, colour fading.


For a warranty claim, we need photos of the original invoice and proof of purchase, an explanation of the problem, photos of the product in it current condition, as well as photos that showcase the issue and/or complaint.

Send an email with the above information to info@ezysleep.ca and we will be happy to assist you.

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