Wondering what sets us apart from the rest? Our deep focus on using sustainable, eco-friendly, & all-natural materials in our mattresses. Each of our fibres are processed without the use of chemicals or harsh retardants & made to last.  

Rubber tree latex

Our mattresses are made sustainably using eco-friendly & all natural products. 

Our latex is extracted from the sap of a rubber tree, chemical free & with care. Keeping our products as natural & health-conscious as possible is our top priority. We use hemp, bamboo, organic cotton & aloe vera quilted fabric tops that are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and mould resistant.

Hemp quilted fabric
Bamboo quilted fabric

Our mattresses are made to order, in Toronto.

We understand living on a budget and don't think it's fair you have to choose between a good night's sleep & breaking the bank. We use the same manufacturers as the other big guys without charging you huge markups.

Aloe vera quilted fabric
Organic cotton quilted fabric

We're family run, personal & direct.

When you contact us, we don't direct you to an outsourced customer service company. Our small business structure allows us to dedicate time & effort to you in a unique & personal way. We even deliver your products ourselves. As a team of two, we're quick, efficient, & honest.

Smart core technology talalay latex

Smart-core technology talalay latex

While our latex comes from rubber trees, our process for manufacturing the latex is talalay. Talalay latex is a more intricate process that produces a less-dense, more malleable substance best suited for mattresses. The other process, Dunlop, is simpler & has a higher density.

How is it made?

This process, known as talalay, is designed to produce soft & fluffy latex with a more liquid feel, ideal for cooling comfort layers.

  • The latex in liquid form is extracted from the rubber tree
  • The liquid is whipped until it becomes frothy
  • The frothy foam is then injected into a mold until partially filled
  • The mold is vacuum-sealed so the latex can expand
  • The filled mold is then rapidly frozen which pushes carbon dioxide through the latex
  • The frozen foam is baked to set into shape
  • The latex is then removed from the mold, washed & dried
Talalay latex pour
Bamboo quilted fabric

Bamboo quilted fabric

Cultivating bamboo requires no chemicals or pesticides & absorbs 2x more carbon dioxide than a tree. The fibre itself is also naturally anti-bacterial, durable & soft to the touch. It grows incredibly fast (approx. 3ft in 24 hours) & can be manipulated into many versatile uses & products.

How is it made?

Bamboo fabric made in this method is not environmentally harmful, & the resulting textile is strong & long-lasting. 

  • The bamboo leaves & soft inner pith inside of the trunk are crushed
  • The crushed bamboo fibres are then soaked in an all-natural enzyme solution
  • These fibres are then washed & spun into yarn that is then woven into fabric
Bamboo quilted fabric
Organic cotton quilted fabric

Organic cotton quilted fabric

Organic cotton is a very skin-friendly, soothing natural fibre. It's the ideal material for all skin types, including infants & skin sensitivities. Moreover, despite regular cotton being incredibly dependent on harsh pesticides & chemicals, organic cotton requires no such treatments. It also uses much less water than regular cotton, 7,000 litres per 1kg of organic cotton vs. 29,000 litres for 1kg of regular.

How is it made?

Organic cotton is handpicked & grown in a way to maintain soil fertility & reproduction as no synthetic materials are used in its production.

  • The cotton balls are handpicked from stems and cleaned
  • The fibres are then spun into yarn which makes them easier to weave
  • The yarn is then woven together to create a soft yet durable linen
Organic cotton quilted fabric
Aloe vera quilted fabric

Aloe vera quilted fabric

Aloe vera quilted fibre has the same physical & chemical composition of cotton like breathability & moisture management, while also producing no wastage or pollution! It also regulates your body temperature; cooling you down when hot & warming you up when cool. Aloe vera has many uses, mainly as treatment for sunburn or skin irritations, but has been recently incorporated into fabrics to create a 100% biodegradable, durable & soothing fabric.

How is it made?

Aloe vera is native to Africa but can also be found in other countries like India as well. It is known as the immortal plant due to its medicinal properties.

  • The aloe leaf is peeled & the gel is extracted from the inside.
  • The gel is put into tiny capsule shells & woven into the fabric.
  • Upon contact, the capsules open so aloe vera is released on the skin.
Aloe vera quilted fabric

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