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feng shui

Feng Shui Tips: Must-Know Practices For Better Sleep

Unlock the ancient methods 

Many factors can contribute to a better night’s sleep, such as removing tech from the bedroom, avoiding caffeine at night, and exercising during the day. However, there’s every reason to believe that your bedroom’s layout may also play a part in your sleep quality. When you follow the principles of feng shui, you can come to realize that your sleeping space, your bedroom, symbolizes the most important things in your life. It’s where you spend the majority of your time, and it’s where you’re in an unconscious state absorbing the energy around you. 

fix a saggy mattress

How To Fix A Saggy Mattress

Learn these mattress tricks that'll help you fix that sag

When you wake up with pain in your back, neck, or hips, it’s easy to blame old age or exercise from the day before.

In reality, aches and pains can also be caused by a sagging mattress that isn’t giving your body the support it needs.

The best way to fix a sagging mattress is by replacing it with a new one. However, suppose you’re not ready to do that just yet. In that case, you may be able to make a few minor changes to fix the problem temporarily. 

girl sleeping on bed with dog

12 Powerful Tips On How To Stay Cool While Sleeping

stay comfortable with these cooling tricks

It can sometimes be hard to fall asleep at the best of times, but even more so when the mercury rises. Even with a fan to blow cold air on you and your feet poked out the side of the bed, a peaceful night’s slumber may still evade you.

 However, by doing any of these things below (or all of them), you may put yourself in the best position possible to sleep soundly.

girl sleeping on bed with dog

Proven Sleeping Tips That'll Help Painsomniacs Sleep Better 

Must-Know For Sleepers With Joint Pain 

Painsomnia is a term to describe sleeplessness resulting from pain. While some people struggle to fall asleep because they don’t feel tired, others experience significant pain associated with conditions like arthritis that either stops them from falling asleep or frequently wakes them up. There may be many reasons why some people experience worse arthritis-related pain at night. Cortisol, your anti-inflammatory hormone, is naturally lower at night.

girl sleeping on bed with dog

Sleeping Positions For Couples And What The Mean

How Do You Sleep With Your Lover?

You may not think that how you share your bed with your significant other has any bearing on your relationship, but it just might.

Whether you’re a spooner or a stomach sleeper, you may be surprised to learn just what such a sleeping position means.    

girl sleeping on bed with dog

Top Causes Of Night Sweats

This is why you wake up at night sweating

Night sweats can be described as extreme perspiration while you sleep. Often, people experiencing night sweats wake up with wet clothing or bedding. Surprisingly, even though night sweats are commonly linked to menopause, it’s not the only cause. There are several potential causes, such as these below. 

girl sleeping on bed with dog

Must-Know Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Dog

Learn how sleeping with a dog improves your health

Have you ever been in an argument with your significant other about whether or not the dog can sleep on the bed? If so, it might be time to bring them into the room when you read this article. As frustrating as our furry friends can be to sleep with sometimes, there are actually tons of benefits of having them join you on the bed. So, the next time your spouse tries to send them to their own bed, have a printed copy of this article ready to go. You’ll have all the proof you need to keep them with you. 

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Must-Try Sleeping Playlists

Sleep sounds that'll help you sleep better at night

How many things have you tried so that you can fall asleep? Have you counted sheep, exercised, drank tea, or read a book? You may have even tried to make a deal with a higher power in exchange for a solid eight hours of sleep to make you human again. It may surprise you to learn that a peaceful night’s slumber may be achieved just by listening to a specific sound. One of these sounds below, in fact. If you’re struggling with those Zs, consider setting up the following sounds on your speakers when you hop into bed.

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11 Sleeping Tips That'll Help You Sleep Tonight

optimize sleep time for max health

Given that sleeping is something we naturally do and naturally need, you’d think that our bodies would, well, naturally do it. However, a Consumer Reports study shows that at least 27 percent of Americans struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep. Almost 70 percent have struggled with sleep at least once a week. If you struggle to get eight hours of shut-eye each night, you might need to try any of the following things.

what your sleeping position says about your health

What Your Bedroom Says About Your Relationship

the environment you set says alot

When there are relationship problems and other issues you want to avoid, a cluttered space can be the very distraction you need. Here’s a challenge for you. Tidy up your room and see how you feel. You may be surprised at the new range of emotions that surface from this simple job.

what your sleeping position says about your health

[TIPS] Buying A Mattress Online: Pros & Cons

Avoid these mistakes at all cost

If you tend to express yourself through your outfits, this can be more accurate for you than other people. However, you may be surprised to learn that even your pajamas that you wear behind closed doors can say much about your personality and even your mood. Curious to know what your sleepwear is saying? Read on to find out, and you can be the judge of whether we’ve summed you up perfectly or not.

what your sleeping position says about your health

What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Health

Health and the World's most popular sleeping positions

As you settle into bed after a busy day, you probably don’t spare much thought for your sleeping position. You simply get into the most comfortable position and fall asleep. But as it turns out, most people have at least one preferred sleeping position, and it could say quite a lot about your health. Now might be a good time to start taking note of how you sleep and see if you can resonate with some of the following information.


This Is When It's Time To Buy A New Mattress

top signs that you  Need A New Mattress

As convenient as it would be to only ever have to buy one mattress for your entire life, it’s just not possible. Even if a bed looks like it’s in good condition, its age and other factors can signal that it’s now past its functional life. If you have been wondering for some time whether your current mattress is ready to be replaced, some of the warning signs below may just confirm that. 

test mattress

How Your Old Mattress Is Affecting Your Health

Poor mattress can lead to poor health

When it comes to back pain, our mattresses are not something many common folk give much thought to. We associate our back pain with tasks performed the previous day and even blame our spouses for not being able to achieve a restful night’s slumber.

Your Guide To Mattress Sizes & Their Dimensions

How To Choose A Bed Mattress For Your Bad Back

5 tips that'll help you sleep better

If you have ever woken up with back pain after doing nothing during the previous day to warrant it - your mattress might be to blame. A bad mattress does not provide the support your spine desperately needs.

Your Guide To Mattress Sizes & Their Dimensions

Your Guide To Mattress Sizes & Their Dimensions


As soon as you think you’ve found the right one, you realize you’ve still got to decide on the perfect mattress size. This guide to mattress sizes may be more helpful than you might think.

How To Buy A Mattress Online - EzySleep

How To Buy A Mattress Online

A Comprehensive Guide to At-Home Mattress Shopping

Mattress shopping can be tough. Not only are there a lot of different stores, but there are also a lot of different mattresses. So you do some research... find out about the different types of mattresses.

four characters sleeping on a ezy sleep mattress

Sleep: An Underrated Necessity To A Healthy Life


As you may know already, ensuring you get a proper night's sleep is crucial to mental and physical health. While sleeping, you are unconscious but your brain and body functions are still running.

Foam vs. Spring photo

Foam vs. Spring: Which Mattress Is Best?

The Age Old Question - Pocket Coil Or Foam Mattress? 

In this article we'll be giving you a brief overview of the different forms a mattress can come in, their advantages and help identify which one may be right for you.

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