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The Hybrid Series FAQs

The Hybrid series is a medium feel mattress. The soft viscoelastic memory gel contours around your body while the individually wrapped pocket coils provide firm localized support.

The Hybrid series is as it's name, a hybrid! It combines individually foam encased pocket coil technology with contouring cool gel memory foam on top.

Our memory foam is infused with cool-gel which naturally stays at a cooler temperature. As the cool-gel memory foam contours your body it absorbs excess heat through heat transfer and allows your body to better regulate its tempurature.

If for any reason the Hybrid series isn't suiting you and you live in the GTA then worry not, the mattress comes with an extensive guarantee. Whether it's within our 14 day return period or our 100-night sleep guarantee, we've got you covered! 

See our Mattress Policy page for more detail.

All our mattresses are handmade right here in Toronto. If there's ever any issue with any of our mattresses we aim to rectify the issue at the first opportunity possible and the turnover time is very quick as the factories are all local. The warranty covers any malfunction or defect that either exist or may occur within 10 years after purchase.

Introducing the Hybrid Series! 

 If you're looking for the ultimate support in a mattress while also having cooling features, the Hybrid Series is the mattress for you. The ultimate combination of pocket coil and foam, the Hybrid Series provides amazing contouring support with a diverse localized foundation. The specially woven Tencel fabric combined with the cool gel memory foam creates highly effective temperature control and overheat prevention.

 The Story

We began our journey in search for the perfect premium mattress; our quest sounded simple but it was no easy task. We wanted to create a hybrid mattress combining the bests of both foam and pocket coils into one super mattress. The first prototype of the Hybrid Series started off with a high quality continuous coil foundation and a high density poly foam top. This was a firm mattress and gave adequate support but wasn't up to our standards, it was wobbly and the foam feel would be varied throughout different locations on the mattress. Then we discovered pocket coil foundations.
We were really intrigued by the support of a pocket coil mattress, individually wrapped coils placed next to one another for highly localized support. We didn't just want to use a basic layer of pocket coil for our premium mattress, we added layers of them. Layering our pocket coils and zoning them with varied firmness throughout the mattress designs it to contour well around the curves of your body. We added a high density foam edge guard around the sides of the mattress to finalize the base and enclose the coils together. The high density foam helps prevent you from sinking when sitting on the edge and it also keeps all the pocket coils in place preventing sway.
After finding the perfect foundation we needed to find an equally perfect comfort layer. We experimented with various types of foams in the pillow top and the one that kept coming in first place was the Cool-Gel Infused Memory Foam. The cool-gel infusion in the memory foam creates a much more viscoelastic feel and contouring support. The cool gel remains at a cooler temperature and helps regulate excess heat. The pocket coil foundation works with the viscoelastic memory gel to really get into the curves of your body to provide full support.
We have the foundation and the comfort, now it was just missing the cover. We wanted to make a mattress that didn't only help regulate excess heat but also create a surface that actually helps cool you down. We added a specially woven Tencel fabric on the surface, Tencel fabric is very breathable and ventilated. The Tencel fabric combined with the cool gel memory foam work synergistically to create a noticeably cool surface The Hybrid Series is on average 3 degrees cooler than the average mattress.
Above all we made sure to only use only high quality, eco-friendly and health conscious materials in our mattresses absent of any harsh chemicals or fire retardants. A good night sleep isn't simply just the support you get from the mattress, it's also the materials that you're exposed to in your bed so we strive to have a clean and safe mattress.



Individually-wrapped pocket coils with edge guard support gives a firm feeling while providing supportive comfort. The edge guard prevents the sides from sinking.


Infused with a cooling gel to keep your body temperature regulated all night, the memory foam contours around your body to provide even, consistent support throughout.


All our foam is certified free of harmful gasses, fire retardants and no formaldehyde


Compressed and rolled, the mattress comes shipped to you directly in a box 15"L x 15"W x 45"H

Proudly canadian-made

All our mattresses are made locally for Canadians, by Canadians, in the city of Toronto