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- FIRM LEVEL 8.5/10 (HIGH)
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The Diamond Series FAQs

The Diamond Series is a firm mattress utalizing a hard base and contouring top with a memory gel and latex combination.

Yes, all the layers of the Diamond Series mattress are foam and CertiPUR certified organic.

Our Diamond Series mattress thinks outside the box with it's combination pillow top, it utalizes the benefits of both memory gel and latex. The latex is on top and provides almost spring like responses in the surface making it easier to move on the mattress while the cooling memory gel provides slow contouring when laying on the mattress.

If for any reason the Diamond Series isn't suiting you and you live in the GTA then worry not, the mattress comes with an extensive guarantee. Whether it's within our 14 day return period or our 100-night sleep guarantee, we've got you covered! 

See our Mattress Policy page for more detail.

All our mattresses are handmade right here in Toronto. If there's ever any issue with any of our mattresses we aim to rectify the issue at the first opportunity possible and the turnover time is very quick as the factories are all local. The warranty covers any malfunction or defect that either exist or may occur within 10 years after purchase.

The titan of foam mattresses, the heavy-duty Diamond Series! Combining all the best aspects of foam together to provide the perfect mattress for those seeking an intricate mix of plushy top and high firm support. It's blend of high density foam, memory foam and latex foam provides very contouring, even-spread support alleviating stressful pressure points while remaining firm.
The base of the Diamond starts with a highly dense foam base that provides an immobile foundation. The base foam prevents any unnecessary sinking and maintains good sleep posture and high firm support, and also allows the comfort layers to perform their best.
The support layer contains 2 inches of viscoelastic, cool-gel memory foam. This special type of memory foam is infused with a cooling gel that keeps the temperature of the mattress lower to prevent the user from overheating. The gel memory foam is also very viscous and easily contours the body filling in all the crooks and crevices so the full body is evenly supported. 
Now the icing on the cake and the comfort layer of this titan, the Talalay latex foam topper. The top of this firm pyramid is hyper responsive and easily fills in any remaining crevice that the memory foam can't reach. The latex also creates a slightly more buoyant top allowing the user to easily move and change positions without being stuck in a sinking pool. Combined with the hard base, the gel memory foam and the responsive latex foam, the Diamond series is unmatched.
The Diamond series is finished with a sleek hand-closed velvet fabric and topped with a foam quilted bamboo fabric. The Diamond series is a premium mattress in both inside and out!
It's also 100% made in Toronto from eco-friendly, organic, health-conscious and natural materials with FREE shipping across GTA!


Infused with a cooling gel to keep your body temperature regulated all night, the memory foam contours around your body to provide even, consistent support throughout.


Smart-core talalay latex foam made by rubber sap extracted from a rubber tree; it's aerated technology keeps it breathable and at a cooler temperature, providing you with evenly distributed support throughout the night.


All our foam is certified free of harmful gasses, fire retardants and no formaldehyde


Compressed and rolled, the mattress comes shipped to you directly in a box 15"L x 15"W x 45"H

Proudly canadian-made

All our mattresses are made locally for Canadians, by Canadians, in the city of Toronto