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The Cloud Series FAQs

The Cloud series is a high firm mattress, the tapered density allows tthe mattress to have a softer top while keeping a hard base to give good support.

Yes, the Cloud series mattress is foam and CertiPUR certified organic.

The Cloud series mattress has a high density firm base of 1.8 PCF which allows the foam to have a tapered firm feeling when laying on top. The top of the mattress feels slightly soft and contouring while the build up of foam beneath creates a hard foundation.

If for any reason the Cloud series isn't suiting you and you live in the GTA then worry not, the mattress comes with an extensive guarantee. Whether it's within our 14 day return period or our 100-night sleep guarantee, we've got you covered! 

See our Mattress Policy page for more detail.

All our mattresses are handmade right here in Toronto. If there's ever any issue with any of our mattresses we aim to rectify the issue at the first opportunity possible and the turnover time is very quick as the factories are all local. The warranty covers any malfunction or defect that either exist or may occur within 10 years after purchase.

Introducing The Cloud Series!

If you're looking for a firm foam mattress with a plushy soft top then the Cloud mattress may be right for you. Utilizing the latest advancements in bio-foam density, the Cloud series has a high firm base with a tapered plushy top for a soft but very supportive mattress.

The Story

We wanted to create the ultimate firm foam mattress that had the best combination of support and price. Having a foam based mattress is not a new concept, in fact more than half of the Canadian mattresses in the market are foam based. General foam mattresses on sale are usually low to medium density, having a 1.0 PCF (pound per cubic feet) the mattresses are quite firm at first but overtime start collapsing. The density of a mattress has a lot to do with the longevity of the foam mattress; having low density allows more space in between the foam so over time the mattress will absorb moisture and start sinking within creating unsupportive dips.
We wanted the Cloud series mattress to have firm support while also lasting long through daily use. After experimenting with different densities and types of foams, we had finally created what we were envisioning. We designed the Cloud Series mattress with a high density foam, using a 1.8 PCF density. The Cloud mattress is highly durable and will keep its shape through heavy use. The high density in the foam not only keeps the mattress firm and full, but it also creates a tapered feeling in the firmness; the top will feel like plushy contouring while the base will remain firm and supportive. This type of foam is often referred to as "imitation memory foam" due to it's gel-like contouring surface while retaining it's shape. The high density foam also creates a very localized response which prevents motion transfer in the mattress and prevents interruptions during sleeps.
Now that we found our foundation, we had to dress it up. We covered the Cloud series mattress true to its name, a drop-down ultra soft bamboo fabric. The stylish fabric cover has a very soft surface that helps the contouring support from the high density foam mattress. The bamboo mattress fabric covering the Cloud series is specially woven to remain breathable and well ventilated, a great help to fight overheating nights.
Above all we made sure to only use only high quality, eco-friendly and health conscious materials in our mattresses absent of any harsh chemicals or fire retardants. A good night sleep isn't simply just the support you get from the mattress, it's also the materials that you're exposed to in your bed so we strive to have a clean and safe mattress.



Highly concentrated foam creates a high density foundation, the density is designed to be tapered with the top of the mattress softer than the hard base which performs as a seamless transition.


All our foam is certified free of harmful gasses, fire retardants and no formaldehyde


Compressed and rolled, the mattress comes shipped to you directly in a box 15"L x 15"W x 45"H

Proudly canadian-made

All our mattresses are made locally for Canadians, by Canadians, in the city of Toronto