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Which mattress is better? Spring Or Foam? | EzySleep

Which mattress is better? Spring Or Foam?

So which is the best mattress? The answer all depends on you. Everyone has their own individual preferences and needs when it comes to mattresses and we hope that this little guide has provided you with enough information so that you can make an informed decision that's best for your needs. 


In this article we'll be giving you a brief overview of the two types, their advantages and help identify which one may be right for you. 


A spring mattress contains lots of metal coils of various sizes encased in materials such as fabric or foam to keep them individually stationary so they can work together in unison with the other coils to offer proper push-back to optimize support, especially for those with higher BMI.


Spring mattresses are often seen as traditional and have a bad rep for durability because these types generally have unconstrained coils. This causes the coils to eventually lose their position and fail to provide proper continued support. These mattresses are generally very cheaply made and are mostly out of the market. Here at EzySleep, we know that ongoing customer satisfaction is key to a well functioning business, which is why we do not host cheaply made mattresses, and we offer an extensive 20-year warranty on our mattresses.

Types of coil


Types of Coils

  • Continuous Coil - Rows of strong metal wires that support an even flat surface of reinforced fabric. These are the most basic type of spring mattress; they're inexpensive, flippable, and compact. Generally low end and a good choice for a temporary situation.
  • Bonnel (Open) Coil - The traditional spiral cylindrical spring coil, the one that usually comes to mind when one thinks about any spring. This type offers more individualism in the springs, which allows a more responsive support than the even pressure of the continuous coil. 
  • Offset Coil - An upgraded version of the Bonnel coil, this type is more cylindrical and more reinforced on the ends. These are the mid to higher range coils and are way more effective at providing firmer and more localized support than the Bonnel coils. 
  • Pocket Coil - The best version of the coil, this is a well crafted spring that is encased in a fabric that aids in absorbing pressure to provide the most localized and proper responsive support evenly throughout the body. 

Most high end coil mattresses are made with pocket coil while the highest end mattresses are made with a hybrid of pocket coil and certain foams. 


  • More solid base for support;
  • More affordable;
  • More breathable, therefore a cooler mattress.


  • Lower end models offer the same firm support throughout the mattress, therefore less specific pressure point release;
  • Higher potential for malfunctioning and/or making noises (see warranty).


Foam is in everything: your shoes, car seats, even your walls. Made of tiny little air pockets bound together with open airflow to trap and release air, the more open the pockets, the more air flows through them the more pressure absorbent the mattress gets and vice versa for firmness. Foam types are generally more responsive to specific pressure points and can be manipulated to any firmness.

Different Types of Foam Layers


Types of Foam

  • Poly (Polyurethane) Foam - This is the base and first layer of a foam mattress and comes in many different level of firmness. On a firm mattress, the base poly foam could be firm with a layer of memory or latex foam on top, creating the more absorbent response while being supported by a solid base.
  • Memory Foam - Made up of multiple different levels of foam to create a slow bounce back while retaining a soft yet firm feel. Memory foam contours around the body which makes it great for relieving individual pressure points. It's very accommodating for different weights throughout the body. Heavier points sink in to the mattress deeper than lighter points but this does not change the level of equal support you will receive. 
  • Latex Foam - Inspired by nature, latex foam uses an aerated sap-like substance to create a firm yet bouncy feel. Latex foam has more of a push back while absorbing weight so it provides optimal even support all throughout the body relieving as much pressure as possible. A lot of high end mattresses will use a specific combination of different foams and density to create the optimal feel, the highest end may include pocket coil as base.


  • Contours to the body better and is a great option for people with joint pains and side sleepers;
  • Good at absorbing motion, you could drop a bowling ball on one side while a glass of wine stays still on the other.


  • Some lower end foam mattresses are less breathable and trap in more heat;
  • The absorbency of the foam can sometimes create a sinking feeling.


Some who may not be satisfied with either a pure spring or pure foam mattress could find what they're looking for in a hybrid. A hybrid mattress consists of a type of coil base (usually pocket coil) topped with a thick layer of foam (usually memory or latex foam). 

Layers of foam



  • Provides a more solid base support while having a soft response which eliminates that "sinking" feeling;
  • Much more breathable than a pure foam mattress, especially when infused with cooling compounds;
  • More durable than a pure spring mattress as the foam absorbs a lot of pressure.


  • Tends to be more expensive;
  • Doesn't absorb pressure as well as a pure foam mattress;
  • Tends to be a much heavier mattress.


So which is the best mattress? The answer all depends on you. Everyone has their own individual preferences and needs when it comes to mattresses and we hope that this little guide has provided you with enough information so that you can make an informed decision that's best for your needs. Out of all types of furniture, mattresses are the most important. While most other furniture purchases will be based on either style or theme of home, a mattress has a very important function; to support your body while you sleep for 8 hours every day.  

For any questions, comments, or clarifications please feel free to message or e-mail us and we will help alleviate any doubt so you can purchase the best mattress for you.