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What Your Pajamas Say About Your Personality

What Your Pajamas Say About Your Personality


The people around us can often get a sense of who we are and our values based on what we wear around them.

We all have our tastes and preferences, and these can be reflective of our personalities. Even in lines of work that require uniforms, there’s always that extra accessory that tells the whole story.

If you tend to express yourself through your outfits, this can be more accurate for you than other people.

However, you may be surprised to learn that even your pajamas that you wear behind closed doors can say much about your personality and even your mood.

Curious to know what your sleepwear is saying?

Read on to find out, and you can be the judge of whether we’ve summed you up perfectly or not.



girl sleeping naked


Some people like to go to sleep naked, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

In fact, some studies show that sleeping naked allows you to fall asleep faster, improve your sleep quality, reduce stress, and maybe even benefit your reproductive health.

Not everyone sleeps naked for the health benefits, though. Some people sleep naked because they are confident about their body, not self-conscious, and have no qualms about heading to the kitchen in the middle of the night for a drink of water without a single scrap of fabric on them.



girl sleeping in a shirt


Old t-shirts may not sound like they tell their own story, but they can.

You can gain insight into your personality based on the type of t-shirt it is. For example, if it’s a favorite from your youth or even an old shirt you wore during your high school years, you’re potentially quite a nostalgic person.

You like thinking about days gone by and who you used to be before you grew up. You may not wear it out in public, but you gain comfort from wearing it in the privacy of your own home.



back pain


Sleeping in underwear and a bra, or just underwear tends to be a preference for people who don’t sleep soundly.
Temperature fluctuations may keep you up at night or wake you during the night. You may even find yourself tossing and turning, trying to cool down.

You may not feel confident enough to sleep completely nude, so this is the next best thing for many people.


Night Gown

sleeping gown


A night gown, also referred to by some people as a muumuu, is a must-have for night-time readers who love nothing more than cuddling up in bed with a cup of tea and a book.

Your night gown isn’t just something you go to sleep in; it’s something you wear to relax and recuperate – often by yourself. It may not be the most fashionable garment, but its breathable material and shapeless design make it ideal for comfortable rest and sleep.

You may or may not be sharing a bed with a loved one or a cat.


Winter Wollies



If your pajama drawer is full of winter fleece pajamas and even wool, you’re a cold sleeper who likes to be as snug as a bug in a rug.

You probably have a weighted duvet or, if not, a feather down at the very minimum. Your goal at night is to get as snuggly, warm, and comfortable as possible before you go to sleep.

You might wake up in a hot sweat, but you can’t quite get past the security, comfort, and warmth that your fuzzy winter pajamas offer – even in the warmer months of the year.


Long Shirt

sleeping in long shirt


You’re not quite ready for a night gown, but you’re also not prepared to wear a complete set of pajamas.

The compromise is a long shirt or long t-shirt that covers most things modestly but still looks as fashionable as some of the clothing you wear during the day. You’re not trying to look stylish, but you want to feel confident in your body by wearing something with a bit of shape and style.

You also find it convenient that you don’t have to wear pants since your shirt is long enough to cover your bottom just perfectly. 



sleeping in lingerie


If you’re wearing lingerie to bed, you’re likely ready for almost anything.

You feel confident in your body, want to feel and look good, and believe in the power of having your outfit be a reflection of your mood. You’re also not afraid to make your partner feel special and may even choose to wear lingerie alone just to feel confident.

You might have even picked up your lingerie from a local 18+ store without feeling abashed by the experience.


Matching Pajama Set

matching pj sets


No matter the season, your friends and family can find you rocking a matching set of pajamas.

You might even be wearing matching socks to complete the look. If they don’t match, you’ll find a pair that does. Matching pajama wearers typically love to be organized and are unapologetic about it. As soon as one pair of matching PJs wears out, they will go and buy another.

You may put them on as soon as you get home from work and shower or set aside different sets for special events, like silk.


Anything That's Close

If you typically grab the first clean pair of pajama-like items you can find, you’re possibly a go-with-the-flow type of person.

You do the sniff test to work out if something’s clean, and you can’t remember the last time you tidied your room. Your sleepwear can consist of the most beautiful night gown you found pushed in the corner of your closet or a singlet with underwear.

There is no dedicated piece of clothing you wear to bed, and some people think that’s a little chaotic