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Night sweats can be described as extreme perspiration while you sleep. Often, people experiencing night sweats wake up with wet clothing or bedding.

Surprisingly, even though night sweats are commonly linked to menopause, it’s not the only cause. There are several potential causes, such as these below. 


Menopause is definitely one of the top causes of night sweats. Menopause causes hormonal imbalances, with night sweats being one of the many side effects.

There is no cure for it, but altering your bedroom temperature and trying relaxation exercises and mindfulness may assist in limiting how often you experience them due to menopause.


Hypoglycemia is a condition resulting from low blood sugar. People with this condition often experience poor sleep quality related to nightmares and night sweats. Typically, hypoglycemia is related to diabetes treatments.

Although, some medications and other conditions can also cause it. Aside from night sweats, hypoglycemia can also cause confusion, anxiety, shakiness, and heart palpitations.

Medication Side Effects


A broad range of medication types can cause someone to experience night sweats – even some of the most common prescription drugs.

People taking tricyclic antidepressants often report night sweats, as do those on blood sugar regulators, hormonal therapy medication, pain medication, and even asthma inhalers.

Chronic Hyperhidrosis

Night sweats may not always be a symptom of something else. Instead, it can form part of a condition called chronic hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

There isn’t always a reason for this condition or excessive sweating in general. However, you may be able to experience some relief from it at night by wearing light clothing and using thin, light sheets and blankets.

Summer Heat

blue light

If you only experience night sweats during a particular time of the year, take note of when that is. Sometimes, the summer heat can be all it takes for you to wake up during the night uncomfortable and covered in sweat.

If you don’t have air conditioning to help cool down your room, consider lightweight sheets like cotton and bamboo, a plug-in fan, and light summer sleepwear.

You may still be uncomfortable with the rising mercury, but these measures can undoubtedly make nighttime more bearable.


Centuries ago, tens of millions of people used to lose their lives to tuberculosis (TB).

Fortunately, the significant advancements we’ve made in medicine have meant that this bacterial infection affecting the lungs is not always a death wish. TB more commonly affects people with weakened immune systems.

They may suffer from a fever, followed by night sweats. Often, TB presents with symptoms similar to the flu and pneumonia. It’s also very contagious.

Bed Partner

puppy on white bed

Sometimes, it’s not a medical condition that causes night sweats. Instead, it’s who you sleep with. If you sleep with a partner or pets, there can be more body heat to contend with than just your own.

Therefore, it’s not uncommon to wake up with saturated clothing and bedding from so much heat. 

Neurological Conditions

Some parts of your brain are responsible for regulating your body’s temperature.

When you begin experiencing nerve-related and neurological conditions like stroke and Parkinson’s disease, you may experience night sweats.

This is because signals are being sent to the sweat glands to release more sweat to your skin. People with neurological conditions may also experience more sweat in general, rather than just at night.

Abscesses And Bacterial Infections

If you’ve had a condition or medical event that has resulted in an abscess or bacterial infection, night sweats may be one of the many symptoms you experience.

The others include chills and fever. Given the risk of serious illness from infection and abscesses, it’s crucial to see a doctor without delay – especially if the night sweats and other symptoms do not subside.


If you experience night sweats, it’s rarely going to be a symptom of cancer. However, it can be, which is why it’s important to mention. In the early stages of some cancers like lymphoma, night sweats can be a symptom.

This is because your immune system is trying to fight the cells that are invading your body. Once you start cancer treatment, pain medication, hormone therapy, radiation, and chemotherapy, may also have side effects, including night sweats.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are described as excessive and persistent worry, feelings of fear and terror that reach a peak, and sudden feelings.

They also come with symptoms like nervousness, trembling, weakness and fatigue, and hyperventilation. One of the other common symptoms is sweating.

You may experience night sweats if your anxiety disorder leads you to have a panic attack at night. However, they can happen during the night or day. You may be able to reduce the instance of night sweats by seeing your GP or a mental health expert for advice on managing your anxiety disorder.


Around 38 million people are currently living with HIV.

While medicine has advanced to the point where it’s manageable, it can still come with some side effects – with night sweats being one of them.

Experts believe that this is caused by reduced immunity. People in the early stages of HIV may experience flu-like symptoms alongside night sweats.

Migraine Medication

Many people experiencing severe migraines rely on medication to assist. However, they then have to decide whether they would prefer to have a migraine or night sweats.

Sometimes, people can experience them as a side effect of their medication. Fortunately, a simple change of medication can be enough to stop this side effect.

If you’re unsure about changing medications, talk to your GP for advice.

Your Mattress Isn't Breathable

You might have the comfiest mattress that supports your body and allows for a decent night’s slumber. However, if it’s not breathable, it may be why you’re suddenly experiencing night sweats.

All-foam beds, in particular, can absorb and trap heat. If you believe your mattress is to blame and you want to combat the problem, consider an upgrade. Look for mattresses with open cell technology, smooth tops, breathability, and cooling pads.

Sometimes, people can experience them as a side effect of their medication. Fortunately, a simple change of medication can be enough to stop this side effect.

If you’re unsure about changing medications, talk to your GP for advice.

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