This Is When It's Time To Buy A New Mattress

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As convenient as it would be to only ever have to buy one mattress for your entire life, it’s just not possible. Even if a bed looks like it’s in good condition, its age and other factors can signal that it’s now past its functional life. If you have been wondering for some time whether your current mattress is ready to be replaced, some of the warning signs below may just confirm that. 

So let's get right into it. Here's when you know it's time to buy a new mattress.

It's Sagging

Mattresses can be expensive, which is why many people try to get as many years out of them as possible. But ask yourself this: When did you buy your mattress? Do you even know how old it is?

If you can’t answer that question, then chances are it’s too old. To be fair, there isn’t actually a set number of years that determines whether a mattress is too old and needs to be thrown away.

It can often depend on how well you have looked after it and the quality of the mattress.

Mattress manufacturers recommend a complete mattress replacement every eight years. However, a well-cared-for mattress can comfortably last upwards of a decade.

Your age also plays a part. As you age, your body needs more support and tolerates less discomfort.

In that case, you may see yourself pondering an upgrade every five to seven years. Take a look at the warranties on offer from mattress manufacturers.

Some have complete confidence in the quality and longevity of their mattresses, so they will offer a conditional 10 or 20-year warranty.

It's Old

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Can you remember when you purchased your mattress brand new?

Or, can you remember when you bought it used? If you can’t, your mattress may be old and no longer giving your body what it needs.

Most mattresses have a lifespan of up to 10 years. Some higher-quality beds can last longer if kept in good condition, but age can undoubtedly mean it’s time to replace it.

Memory Foam Remembers Too Well

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Memory foam mattresses have increased in popularity in recent years and for a good reason.
They are designed to conform to your body to give it the support it needs while keeping you comfortable.

However, the older your memory foam bed is, the more permanent that impression of your body becomes.

The inner foam can start to compress, which means it doesn’t ‘bounce back’ as quickly when you get out of bed.

It's No Longer Fit Purpose

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Your life situation can change at the drop of a hat.

There doesn’t need to be anything physically wrong with your mattress for you to decide to upgrade it.

You may have moved into a smaller bedroom which calls for a smaller bed. You may have even gained a new partner, which means you need more room.

If your mattress isn’t allowing for a proper night’s sleep, regardless of why that might be, consider an upgrade

Foam Keeps Changing

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Even though many people praise memory foam mattresses, that doesn’t mean that everyone is happy with their experience.

Some people find that the foam’s firmness can change depending on your body heat, the bedroom size, and the room’s temperature.

If you’re tired of having your bed being too hard or too soft, depending on external factors, another mattress style could be worth your consideration.

You're Pregnant

Sometimes, it can take a pregnancy for you to realize just how uncomfortable and unsupportive your mattress is.

You may struggle with the softness of your bed, or it may not provide the support your body needs during your later pregnancy stages.

Whatever the reason, a more supportive bed, and possibly even an adjustable one, could be an ideal purchasing decision to make before you welcome your newest family member.

Mattress Is Too Lumpy

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Low-quality mattresses and those that have reached the end of their comfortable life can develop lumps.

These can cause pressure points and often feel like you are sleeping on top of a balled-up piece of clothing.

If you find yourself waking up with an aching body or you’re not getting enough sleep during the night, your lumpy mattress could be to blame.

You Can't Sleep

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A poor-quality mattress is not always the only reason why you can’t sleep.

You might have had a coffee before bed, are suffering from stress, or have an irregular work schedule that wreaks havoc on your sleep routine.

However, if you have ruled out all other possibilities and find yourself tossing and turning to get comfortable, it could very well be your mattress’s fault.

You Have Allergies

Mattresses are a haven for dust mites.

While most people won’t react to their presence, they can certainly cause problems for people who are sensitive to dust or already suffer from respiratory conditions like asthma.

Alongside getting rid of your mattress, you should also consider purchasing one with hypoallergenic materials, such as latex or wool.

Your Mattress Is Noisy

Mattresses aren’t designed to be noisy.

In fact, they shouldn’t make any noises at all. In saying that, as they age, they do become quite vocal.

You may notice that the springs are squeaking, or the whole bed just seems to be making unusual sounds.

 While not a problem that requires immediate addressing, it can be enough to make you put ‘new mattress’ on your shopping list.

You Sleep Better Out Of It

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Many people struggle to sleep when they are staying at someone else’s home.

You may even be clock-watching in hotels, motels, and the homes of your loved ones.

However, if you nod off to sleep far better in someone else’s bed than your own, that can be an alarm bell.

Your bed should be your comfortable place of rest, but if you’re relying on guest beds for a decent night’s sleep, it’s time to replace your mattress.

You Wake Up In Pain

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Sore backs, stiff necks, and even achy joints can all be signs that your mattress is not doing the job it was designed to do.

The best bed is one that supports your body, relieves pain, and allows for a full night’s sleep.

Aging mattresses lose all their supportive properties, which can lead to aches, pains, and restless nights. 

Your Couch Is Now Your Bed

If your bed is so uncomfortable, so noisy, and so frustrating that you’ve found yourself sleeping on the couch, it’s definitely time to give it its marching orders.

The purchase of a new mattress can see you going to bed with a smile on your face and sleeping like a well-rested baby. 

Exactly how it should be.

Mattress Accessories

I should also mention some accessories you may need with your mattress to optimize your sleep experience:

EzySleep Mattress Box Spring

Box Spring - A sturdy foundation often made of wood that evenly distributes the weight of the mattress so it retains its integrity and also evenly distributes the full weight throughout the bed.

Bed Frame - Usually made of either metal or wood, it's a frame that elevates the mattress off the ground. Sometimes it will require a box spring but many platform bed frames are available on which you can just put the mattress directly.

EzySleep Mattress Metal Frame

The EZY Difference

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