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Sleeping Positions For Couples And What They Mean

You may not think that how you share your bed with your significant other has any bearing on your relationship, but it just might.

Whether you’re a spooner or a stomach sleeper, you may be surprised to learn just what such a sleeping position means.


You may not think that how you share your bed with your significant other has any bearing on your relationship, but it just might.

Whether you’re a spooner or a stomach sleeper, you may be surprised to learn just what such a sleeping position means.


Contactless Front-to-Front Position


While you may wake up facing each other and not touching, going to sleep in this way may actually mean something about your relationship.

You may not be experiencing any problems in your relationship, but the lack of contact could mean you need to improve communication to bridge the physical and mental gap. 


Classic Spooning Position


The classic spooning position involves one partner forming a spoon shape in front of the other, who assumes the same position.

It’s a skin-on-skin position, which means you’re able to achieve a level of closeness that most other sleeping positions can’t offer. Typically, such a position is preferred by couples in brand new relationships or those who have maintained a close relationship over several years. However, which spoon you are can also tell another story.

If you’re the big spoon, you tend to be a giving partner who wants to provide comfort, safety, and protection. If you’re the little spoon, you may enjoy the feelings of security and protection, not to mention warmth during the winter months.


Chasing Spoon Position


This position can be described as one person wanting to spoon and the other preferring to sleep in their own position.

Typically, one partner sleeps on their side of the bed in a fetal or log position. The ‘chaser,’ who wants to spoon, may follow their partner to the opposite side of the bed in a spooning attempt. This may look like having one arm or a foot reached over to connect with the spouse.


Loose Spooning Position

loose spooning position

While new couples often favour the classic spooning position, the loose spooning position tends to be preferred by long-standing couples.

You both love the comfort and connection that spooning brings, but you are also just as happy to have a little space between you. As a result, both people can enjoy a sleep position that works for them while also still being physically touched.



blue light

If you’ve slept in a bed by yourself, you will be familiar with the starfish position. This involves stretching your limbs out like a starfish to enjoy as much space as possible.

 When using this position in bed with another person, you become a space hog. This may be a reflection of your personality in your relationship – perhaps selfish, self-involved, and full of confidence.


Sleeping Back to Back


Back-to-back sleeping typically involves each person sleeping facing outwards, with bottoms touching.

You want to remain independent in your sleep style, but you also crave a sexual connection. Some back-to-back sleeping styles, particularly one involving not touching, can indicate a fight before bed or with one person being annoyed with the other.

Although, it can also mean you are self-sufficient and independent. 


Stomach Sleeping

sleeping positions on stomach 

As comfortable as you may find sleeping on your stomach, it may not be good news for your relationship.

The general consensus is that such a position can indicate anxiety from one or both parties, or even a lack of trust. If you sleep in this position, a conversation with your spouse may be necessary to clear the air.


Sleeping Front-to-Front


Like-minded couples in a good place in their relationship may decide to sleep facing each other. They may even have their arms wrapped around each other.

While this position may not be achievable all night, it’s a common one to start the sleep process when your relationship is healthy.


The Intertwined Sleep Position

intertwined sleeping position

New couples and those with intense intimacy may fall asleep wrapped around each other.

One person also typically has their leg over the other, with arms linked closely together. If you continue this position throughout a long-standing relationship, it may symbolize dependency.


Partially Intertwined Sleep Position

partially intertwined

After being fully intertwined, some couples may prepare for a night’s sleep by slightly untangling themselves.

This can end up looking like having arms linked but no longer the legs or full bodies. This position allows for independence and intimacy, which may reflect your life as a couple. 


Cradling Position

cradling position

If you consider yourself a trusting couple, and you work together as a team, you may have found yourself in the cradling sleep position.

One partner lies on their back, and the other cradles their head into their partner’s chest, with their leg overlapping their partner’s.


No Contact Back-to-Back

sleeping position with dog

By no means does this mean trouble, in fact, it's a sign of strong independence when a couple is willing to sleep apart.

Couples who sleep back-to-back without touch are typically both connected and self-sufficient. This sleeping position is also known as “liberty lovers”, which shows a strong sense of security.

However, if a couple choose to sleep on opposite ends, it may instead indicate your desire to be more separate. This could also mean that the couple should upgrade to a larger mattress size.


Leg Hugging

sleeping position leg hugging

The simple act of moving your legs across your partner can have more meaning than simply wanting to warm your feet.

It may also mean that you want an emotional, physical, and sexual connection with your partner. You are both sleeping in the position that makes you most comfortable, but real effort has been made to ensure physical touch still exists.


Shoulder Connection

head on shoulder

Just as spooning can shine the spotlight on the protector in your relationship, the shoulder sleeping position can do a similar thing.

This position has both people sleeping on their backs next to each other, with one partner resting their head on the other partner’s shoulder. This can present in your overall relationship as feelings of confidence and understanding.


Sharing With A Pet

sleeping position with dog

If you and your partner share a strong bond with your pet, then it’s not uncommon to welcome them onto your bed for the night.

If you end up with your pet sleeping between you most nights, there can be more to this sleep position than meets the eye. It could mean that you’re using your pet as an excuse not to be close to each other.


What Does Your Sleep Position Say About Your Relationship?

Most people go to bed and sleep in the position that’s most comfortable for them, but it’s amazing how much it may be a reflection of your relationship.

Take the time to think about your sleep position and whether it accurately reflects your current relationship’s status.