Sleeping playlists: top sleep Sounds That'll help you sleep Better

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How many different "sleeping tricks" have you tried to help you fall asleep faster? Have you tried counting sheep, exercised to exhaustion, drank tea, or read a book? You may have even tried to make a deal with a higher power in exchange for a solid eight hours of sleep to make you less of a zombie. We've all been in that uncomfortable situation at night one too many times in our lives.

And, it may surprise you to learn that a peaceful night’s slumber may be achieved just by listening to a specific sound. One of these sounds below, in fact. If you’re struggling with those Zs, consider setting up the following sounds on your speakers when you hop into bed.

White Noise

Some people find it hard to fall asleep because of all the noises they hear around them. Others find it hard to stay asleep because those same noises can wake them up.

If these sound like common problems you’ve been facing, you may see the value in listening to white noise.

White noise is a mixture of different sound frequencies at the same intensity level masking other sounds in the room.

If you’re struggling with ticking clocks, whirring air conditioning units, and even the hum of voices in another room, white noise may be how you fall asleep regardless of whether these noises stop or not.

 Just like magic, white noise can block out other sounds, leaving you with just one constant sound to listen to. According to studies published in the Sleep Medicine journal, patients in intensive care units woke less often with white noise present.

Listen to white noise here

Pink Noise

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We’re not going to go through all the colors in the rainbow, but like white noise, pink noise might be how you drift off to sleep without too many problems.

We know that white noise is several sounds at the same frequency, but pink noise is the opposite. Instead, it’s a balance of both high and low-frequency sounds that tend to mimic those found in nature. Studies on pink noise have been quite promising.

One found that people spent more time in a deep, slow-wave sleep with it. Another study even found that it could improve their memory and memory recall.

Listen to pink noise here

Brown Noise

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Even though there isn’t a lot of evidence to suggest brown noise is effective for everyone, you may see the value in at least trying it.

The evidence we do have suggests that it may be able to make you feel more relaxed and, therefore, more likely to fall asleep.

Brown noise consists of high-energy sounds at low frequencies. The sounds are deeper than white noise and pink noise, but they sound similar to the human ear. If you find the sounds of thunder, low roaring, and powerful waterfalls relaxing, brown noise might be your golden ticket to slumber town.

Listen to brown noise here

Ocean Noise


As long as you’re not fearful of the ocean, you may find that the sounds of waves crashing onto rocks or sand is all you need to fall into a deep sleep.

It’s not so much the sound that makes you sleep, but rather how it makes you feel. The rhythmic audio can create a state of relaxation and peace.

As your focus is on this one thing, rather than anything else around you or your own thoughts, you may be better placed to fall asleep than if you didn’t listen to the ocean.

Listen to ocean sounds here


blue light

When you hear that music can guarantee a better night’s sleep, you might think that’s absurd.

Especially if your music of choice is heavy metal, rock, or similar. It’s true; not all music genres will provide the soundest foundation for sleep.

However, some will. Research has found that if you listen to classical music, you may be able to enjoy improved sleep quality.

Studies on young adults with sleep problems found this to be accurate. If classical music isn’t to your liking, almost any soothing song with 60 to 80 beats per minute may have the same effect. Give it a try, and see if it works for you.

Listen to classical music here 

Sounds You Find Soothing

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Even though there have been plenty of studies into how white noise, pink noise, music, and sounds of the ocean can help with sleep, that doesn’t mean they are right for you.

You may have your own ideas about the types of sounds you find soothing. If you’ve already identified what those sounds are, see if they work when you’re trying to fall asleep.

It might be the sounds of a fire crackling in a fireplace, a waterfall, water babbling onto rocks, or something else. As long as the sound you choose doesn’t evoke an emotional reaction or raise your heart rate, it could be how you doze off far easier than you have been before.

Listen to soothing sounds here 


reconsider nap

The hardest part about falling asleep for many people is finding something to listen to that will lead to outwards-focused attention rather than inwards-focused attention.
Anything that turns your attention inwards can increase your stress levels, anxiety, heart rate, and more. An ideal outwards-focusing audio type is sounds from nature.

When you’re listening to artificial and genuine nature sounds, you may be able to focus on those sounds, relax your body, and fall asleep.

Listen to nature sounds here

Soothing Voices


If you’ve ever fallen asleep during a guided meditation, then you’re one of many people who find listening to voices soothing.

Think back to your childhood. Did your parents read to you? If they did, did you often fall asleep to the sounds of their voice? Some people find soothing voices and audio-visual stimuli relaxing enough to fall asleep to.

If you do, take advantage of this and include it in your nightly ritual for trying to doze off.

Listen to soothing voices here

Fall Asleep Soundly

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Listening to sounds is an ideal way for many people to get the shut-eye they need.

However, you can also pair your new audio technique with other sleep habits. Keep your bedtime routine consistent, and exercise during the day to tire yourself out. You may also see the value in limiting your daily naps, eating healthy, and turning off bright lights a few hours before bed.

With a few minor changes, you may get the much-needed rest you’ve been hoping for.

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