[must-know] Top benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog

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Have you ever been in an argument with your significant other about whether or not the dog can sleep on the bed? If so, it might be time to bring them into the room when you read this article.

As frustrating as our furry friends can be to sleep with sometimes, there are actually tons of benefits of having them join you on the bed.

So, the next time your spouse tries to send them to their own bed, have a printed copy of this article ready to go. You’ll have all the proof you need to keep them with you. 

Deeper Sleep

We won’t get too involved in science-speak, but having your dog sleep on your bed may promote theta brainwaves. These happen during the REM stage of sleep and involve an increased flow of oxytocin which impacts how deeply you sleep.

Some studies have even shown that when dogs sleep with their owners, their heartbeats sync. So, there’s no denying just how calming their presence can be.

Assists With Depression

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Even though dogs can’t cure depression, they may be able to help ease depressive symptoms.

Some studies have shown people who perform therapy or activities with dogs tend to report fewer depressive symptoms. So, if you’re feeling down, depressed, or upset, cuddle your dog. Don’t have one? Cuddle a friend’s dog. They may be all you need to feel a little better.

Reduced Allergy Risk

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It might seem strange, but if you welcome dogs into your bedroom from a young age, you may be less at risk of developing allergies later in life.

Some studies have shown that infants that slept near pets were less likely to experience allergies later in life. While that’s not the case for everyone, it certainly gives you more ammo if you’re still trying to convince your partner to let Fido on the bed. 

May Help With Insomnia

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Anxiety-induced insomnia can be incredibly challenging for people to deal with. You may be fatigued and exhausted, but fear or worry may keep you awake. The cycle continues, and you end up as one big sleep-deprived mess. Dogs may be able to help with that. Studies have determined that dogs may be able to relieve insomnia so that you can drift off to sleep.

They do this by modifying hypervigilance and hyperarousal while alleviating your anxiety at the same time. If you’re calmer and less fearful, you’ve got a better foundation for a restful night’s sleep.

Better Heart Health

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While several things can contribute to your heart health, it’s probably quite surprising for you to learn that dogs are one of them. The American Heart Association actually found a link between a healthy heart and pet ownership.

Even in pets and owners with the same socioeconomic profile and body mass index, owning a pet decreased systemic hypertension. There may be several reasons for that, such as a dog making you more active, their calming effect, and even their impact on your blood pressure.

Improved Comfort Levels

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If you’ve ever had a weighted blanket, you’ll be familiar with how that heft and weight make you more comfortable.

So, it’s only natural that a dog may also be able to improve your comfort levels. Some studies have even shown that support animals could decrease the frequency of nightmares in those who have PTSD.

Strengthened Bond

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If you don’t get to spend as much time with your dog as you would like during the day, then you can make up for it at night by letting them sleep on your bed. You may even find that doing so increases your bond.

Alaskan native-Americans used to sleep with their dogs for mutual warmth. Some vets think that this practice can help with socialization, and it may have established that early bond between humans and canines.

Some people also claim that letting your dog sleep on the bed can make training easier because they feel like part of your pack.

Decreased Loneliness

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If you live alone, it’s not uncommon to feel insecure, lonely, depressed, and uncomfortable.

Even if you like to sprawl out in your bed on your own, you may still feel less lonely when you can share your bed with a pet. Many people say that their pets help them sleep because they feel relaxed and secure.

Lowered Blood Pressure

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Many things can help lower your blood pressure, like eating a healthy diet, exercising, reducing your stress, and quitting smoking. Although, your dog can also help.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t do all the other things, but what’s one more lifestyle change to throw in the mix? A study on the effects of physical contact with dogs determined that interacting with a dog may be able to lower your blood pressure reading.

Reduced Stress

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Life can get stressful. We can do plenty of things to reduce our stress, like going for a walk, taking a hot shower, and even doing yoga.

But dogs are right up there with some of the best solutions. Around 74 percent of pet owners in a study said their mental health improved by owning a pet.

How to Let Your Dog On Your Bed Safely

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Not every dog will be a prime candidate for sleeping on your bed with you.

If you are a light sleeper, have severe allergies, or your dog is new or not house trained, they are better suited for a night’s rest in a bed they can call their own or even a crate, so they have a safe space.

If you are going to invite your dog onto your bed, make sure you set boundaries so they know where they can sleep. Never allow your dog to be aggressive to anyone else that joins you in bed, and keep your dog above the covers. This prevents fur and dirt from getting onto the sheets.

 It’s also essential to keep your pet clean to reduce how many allergens are in your bedroom and take them out to the toilet before going to bed. With all these boxes ticked, you and your furry friend can enjoy a peaceful night’s slumber.

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