The illusion of rooms in your Toronto studio

The illusion of rooms in your Toronto studio


Don't you just love an open concept floor plan? The space and flexibility it offers is one of the reasons why it's so popular, and also why it's tough to design. No need to worry though, here at EzySleep, we're eager and happy to help in any way we can! We've outlined some steps and guidance to keep in mind while planning how to arrange your furniture in an open floor plan, turning a wide open room into a gorgeous space! 

Define your spaces

Firstly, don't think of the studio as one big room. By using creative placement of furniture and rugs, you can create the illusion of separate rooms while keeping the open air concept. One big space can be turned into a living room, bedroom, even a dining space! The key is to create a focal point in each area. 


For this, a large rug is just perfect. Place one under your living room furniture (couch, coffee table, TV) and boom! You've created a living room nook that's separate from the kitchen and dining area. Placing your sofa strategically can act as a divide. As a bonus, these lines can create pathways for you and your visitors to walk through the space. 


Usually in studio apartments, your kitchen is just a small section on one wall. Adding a dinette that doubles as an island in front of the kitchen wall with a carpet underneath is really all you need to split that space. 


You might think that placing a bed in the middle of an open room can be... invasive, or almost messy looking. But it doesn't have to be this way! Putting your bed against the wall and adding a medium/small rug at its base, coupled with either the back of the sofa or even a room divider, can be enough to create a bedroom specific zone in your studio. 

Create harmony

So how much should elements within your studio open space match? The answer... just enough. You want your large pieces to create a sense of unity, while using smaller decor pieces as accents. An example we can highlight for you - pick a furniture line and incorporate those pieces.

Having similar pieces, or two (depending of course on the size of your space), creates the unity and harmony aspect while also creating a uniqueness to each zone of your studio. 

Include storage space in your plans

One of the downsides of Toronto studio living is unfortunately the lack of storage space. Maybe look for coffee table and end table sets that have hidden compartments or drawers, where you can store some books, trinkets, your remotes. 

Bookshelves/bookcases and thin sofa or console tables can create room divisions and extra space for housing plants, photos, home decor, and whatever else you want to display! 

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