9 Feng Shui Tips For Better Sleep

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Feng Shui Tips: Must-Know Practices For Better Sleep
By: EzySleep


Many factors can contribute to a better night’s sleep, such as removing tech from the bedroom, avoiding caffeine at night, and exercising during the day. However, there’s every reason to believe that your bedroom’s layout may also play a part in your sleep quality.

When you follow the principles of feng shui, you can come to realize that your sleeping space, your bedroom, symbolizes the most important things in your life.

It’s where you spend the majority of your time, and it’s where you’re in an unconscious state absorbing the energy around you. That energy is known as chi, which feng shui followers believe contributes to your health, wealth, sense of wellbeing, and strong relationships.

If the chi in your bedroom isn’t good quality due to factors like clutter, poor furniture positioning, and bright colors, you may find that your sleep suffers.

Build a strong foundation for good chi under the principles of feng shui with some of these helpful tips below.

Purchase A New Bed And Headboard

If you don’t already have a queen-sized or full-sized bed, now might be the time to invest in one.

Not only can they be more comfortable than single beds, but they also promote a restful night’s sleep with chi being able to circulate underneath it. According to feng shui principles, a queen or full bed also promotes a sense of togetherness with your significant other or future spouse.

The same feeling of togetherness may not be achieved with a king-size bed which can be perceived as too large for intimacy. If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, consider investing in one.

Feng shui dictates that a headboard connects you to your partner while also stabilizing your bed. It may also assist with attracting a strong relationship if you’re single.

Be Careful With Your Head Positioning

You may not have any preferences about how your bed is positioned in your space but aim for a commanding position if you’re trying to achieve a restful night’s slumber.

In feng shui, the best place for a bed is in line with your door. You can see the door in this position, which means you can see whatever enters your room.

When moving your bed into its new spot, make sure both sides have equal amounts of space so both occupants can get in and out of bed with ease while also having no trouble making it each day.

Find Alternative Storage Space For Under-Bed Clutter

Under the bed can be an ideal space for seasonal clothing and other items you don’t need every day.

However, feng shui practitioners state that the flow of energy around and under the bed can be interrupted by clutter. If storage limitations are stopping you from making changes, consider using the space under your bed for soft storage, such as sheets and blankets.

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Redecorate With Restful Colours


Most people have a mirror in their bedroom. You can use it to choose your outfit and even do your makeup in the morning.

However, consider its placement if you’re trying to enjoy a better night’s sleep using feng shui principles. Avoid positioning a mirror in front of your bed. Some feng shui practitioners believe that doing so can lead to infidelity.

However, others say it can simply be shocking to wake up during the night looking at your own reflection. The best place for your mirror is inside a closet door or away from your bed. You may even like to install it so the reflection within it is toward your bedroom entry point.

Purchase New Bedding

Most of us don’t put much thought into what our bedding materials are made of.

Instead, we’re often more interested in the patterns, colors, and price tags. Although, it might pay to consider fabric in the future. Feng shui experts recommend something that feels pleasant and benefits your body.

For example, organic cotton sheets promote breathability while also being comfortable and soft. Refrain from covering your bed in throw pillows, as well. Too many pillows can offer the illusion of clutter, so aim for as many pillows as two people need to sleep comfortably.

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Limit Electronics

limit electronics

Most sleep experts will recommend limiting electronics in your sleeping space, and feng shui practitioners tend to agree. They can disrupt, delay, and disturb your sleep routine, while also leading to poorer quality sleep, as well. If you rely on your phone as an alarm clock, keep it at a reasonable distance away from the bed.

Doing so has two benefits. It can stop you from reaching for your phone to check your notifications if you wake during the night, and it means you have to get out of bed to turn off your alarm clock in the morning.

As a result, you may be less likely to hit ‘snooze’ and have to rush to get ready for work in the morning.

Put Plants In Your Bedroom

Not all feng shui practitioners will agree on having plants in the bedroom, but there is undoubtedly value in considering them.

Many varieties can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen while you sleep. The presence of green plants may also put you in a good mood while being soothing to the eye. 

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Essential Oils

essential oils

Whether you’re following the principles of feng shui or not, essential oils are worth your consideration if you’ve been having trouble falling asleep.

Scents like lavender in a diffuser can help you calm down and prepare your body for sleep if you’ve been feeling on edge during the day.


Whether this appeals to you or not, one thing we can say for sure is that your sleeping space is important for your rest and mental well-being. You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, shouldn't it be in a space you find soothing and comforting?


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