17 Sleeping Tips From Celebrities


17 Sleeping Tips From Celebrities
By: EzySleep


We look up to celebrities often because it always seems like they know what they’re doing.

And when it comes to sleep, they surely have all the tips and tricks, given that they often live such fast-paced lifestyles and sleep probably evades them more often than it does us.

If you’re having a hard time getting that much-needed shut-eye, here are some of the best tips from celebrities that may be worth trying.   

Eat Raw Honey - Rosario Dawson


Actress and producer Rosario Dawson swears by a spoonful of raw honey before bed. It has become her bedtime ritual since she found out it might be beneficial.

Rosario said it can act as brain food while your body repairs itself during the night. Studies have shown that sweet stuff may also help children sleep better when they have coughs.   

Use A Gratitude Journal - Keke Parker


American actress Keke Palmer writes in her journal every night. She tends to note down things that supported her during the day and what she found gratitude in.

Studies actually show that gratitude journaling may be able to help people fall asleep. So, if you’ve been struggling with shut-eye, it might be time to invest in a book and a pencil. 

Purchase A Good Mattress - Bobby Berk

good mattress

Most people are definitely aware of the importance of a decent mattress, and this is Bobby Berk’s 101 for a decent night’s sleep, as well.

The American interior designer and TV personality says that you should always spend large on a mattress. He said it has the most effect on your physical and mental health. 

Drink Tea – Taraji P. Henson

drink tea

Rather than slipping sleeping pills, Taraji P. Henson prefers to be sipping tea.

The American actress said she likes to drink tea when getting ready for bed and will keep sipping at it until she falls asleep. 

Leave Your Phone Out Of The Bedroom – Ashley Graham


American model Ashley Graham took a leaf out of Greek-American author Arianna Huffington’s book by leaving her phone out of the bedroom.

When it’s time to go to bed, she leaves it in her bathroom. Ashley believes not using social media before bed has helped her mind. 

Listen To Soothing Meditation Music – Bella Hadid

wind chimes

American model Bella Hadid said she loved listening to meditation music before bed because it helps her zone out and fall asleep.

According to studies, she might not be wrong. In a 2018 study, over 60% of participants relied on music to help them fall asleep.

Although, the music type spanned across over a dozen different genres.  

Use A Sleep Mask – Sophia Bush

sleeping mask

Actress Sophia Bush said she’s incredibly light-sensitive, which means she can struggle to get to sleep. She relied on a sleep mask and said it could be the difference between getting a good night’s sleep and not.

Choose one that contours to your nose to prevent light from getting underneath. This may be a particularly helpful tip for people who struggle to get to sleep during the lighter months of the year. 

Purchase An Adjustable Bed – Kristen Bell

adjustable bed

American actress Kristen Bell, married to Dax Shepard, said an adjustable bed was one of the best purchases she ever made for sleep.

According to Kristen, it was a game-changer for their sleep habits. 

Install Blackout Shades – Lili Reinhart

black fabric

Actress Lili Reinhart, who you may recognize from Riverdale, invested in blackout shades to achieve a better night’s sleep.

When she moved to her new apartment, she struggled with how bright her bedroom was. Blackout shades have enabled her to sleep much better. 

Buy Straws - Christina Applegate


As strange as this sounds, actress Christina Applegate swears by straws to make sure she stays asleep during the night.

Often, she’d be woken by the sound of her husband drinking water. Making him use a straw means it’s a much quieter process that increases the chance of her sleeping through it.

If you’re going to purchase straws, we recommend the reusable type to save the environment. 

Use CBD Drops – Dakota Johnson

cbd oil

Actress Dakota Johnson struggles with sleeplessness when she’s traveling, particularly on planes. Without adequate sleep, she struggles.

However, her go-to sleep tip is CBD drops. She uses them when she’s traveling and says they help her to fall asleep. 

Meditate - Henry Styles


Singer-songwriter Harry Styles relies on mindfulness practices and meditation to improve his sleep quality.

He said that it’s a massive part of his routine, regardless of whether he’s at home or on the road. You can also listen to Harry read a bedtime story on the Calm app. 

Use Heat - Selena Gomez


Singer Selena Gomez swears by heat to help her go to sleep. She says her friends laugh at her, but she uses a heating pad almost like a kind of anxiety blanket to help her fall asleep.

She said it feels nice, but we hate to think what that would feel like in summer! 

Eat Hard-Boiled Eggs - Chrissy Teigen

hard boiled eggs

If there’s one thing you wouldn’t expect American model and TV personality Chrissy Teigen to say, it’s that she has hard-boiled eggs on standby to help her sleep.

She takes two to bed with her every night and snacks on them when she wakes up during the night. 

Sleep Alone - Carson Daly

sleeping alone

TV personality Carson Daly said the best way for him to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep when his wife was pregnant was by sleeping alone.

In fact, they both found it easier to sleep alone. Carson also has sleep apnea, which means ensuring they both sleep well was quite challenging. It’s not known whether they continued this after his wife gave birth to their fourth child. 

Eat Gummies – Antoni Porowski

eat gummies

Canadian TV personality Antoni Porowski often turns to Restful Sleep Gummies when he’s struggling to get quality sleep.

According to Antoni, they contain melatonin that can promote healthy sleep. It may or may not be a coincidence that he looks to be an ambassador for the brand. Still, every little sleep tip surely helps! 

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