12 powerful Tips on how to Stay Cool While Sleeping

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12 Powerful Tips On How To Stay Cool While Sleeping
By: EzySleep


It can sometimes be hard to fall asleep at the best of times, but even more so when the mercury rises. Even with a fan to blow cold air on you and your feet poked out the side of the bed, a peaceful night’s slumber may still evade you.

However, by doing any of these things below (or all of them), you may put yourself in the best position possible to sleep soundly.

Change Your Pajamas

As much as you might love your current pajamas, they may not be doing your sleep routine many favours during the warmer months of the year.

Cotton can be one of the best choices for both your pajamas and sheets. They are lightweight and do their best to wick away sweat to keep you cool during the night.

If you typically wear tight pajamas, consider changing to something looser, as well. The looser they are, the more airflow your body can get to keep you as cool as possible.

Stock Up On Fans

One thing you will notice when the mercury rises is that fans sell out across many retail stores. If you haven’t yet purchased one for each family member, now might be an excellent time to do so.

The goal of a fan is not to cool a room but to cool the people within it. Therefore, they are not an appliance you can put in a shut room to cool the air before going to bed. Instead, turn them on when you go to bed so they can keep you cool.

Set them up near an open window so that they can pull warm air from in your room and release it outside.

Make Your Fan Cooler

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As previously mentioned, fans are designed to cool people rather than the rooms they are in.

However, they can do a much better job than they already do if you use them strategically. Place a bowl of ice between you and the fan.

As the air hits the ice, it can produce much colder air that cools you down, allowing you to sleep sounder.

Take A Cold Shower

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In the middle of winter, many people take a hot shower at night to feel warmer once they get into bed. Therefore, it makes sense to do the opposite in the heart of summer.

Take a cold shower before bed so that you feel cooler once you get between the sheets. There’s no denying that a cold shower can be hard to handle, but it can undoubtedly help to cool you down and lay the foundation for a better night’s sleep.

Surprisingly, there are also many benefits associated with cold showers. They can calm down itchy skin, increase circulation, reduce muscle soreness, promote glowing hair and skin, and much more.

So, not only may you find it easier to fall asleep, but your body may also benefit from the shocking temperature change, as well.

Invest In New Bedding

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If you have already been toying with the idea of upgrading your bed and bedding, summer may be an ideal time to go ahead with your new purchases.

You can now buy a variety of bed sheets, cooling pillows, and even mattresses that are designed to regulate your temperature and keep you cool while you sleep. 

Establish A Cross-Breeze

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There’s no denying that a single fan can improve your comfort levels while you’re trying to fall asleep.

However, one fan alone may still not be enough, particularly if you live somewhere incredibly hot. You may be able to enjoy a cross-breeze that makes you even more comfortable with the strategic positioning of your air sources. Put a fan across from your window for two sources of airflow.

If you have two windows facing each other, open them both to allow for a natural cross-breeze.

Unplug Electronics

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You may be surprised at just how much heat plugged-in appliances and electronics can generate.

TVs, gaming consoles, computers, and smartphones can all be heat generators impacting your ability to sleep. As you don’t need most of these things while you’re sleeping, consider turning them off and unplugging them.

Sleep Seperately

Body heat from a spouse is enjoyable during the winter months, but not so much during the summer. Consider sleeping separately, at least temporarily, so you can both enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

By doing so, you can sleep in positions that allow you to feel cooler, such as spread-eagled with your feet out each corner of the bed.

Use A Cold Compress

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Something as simple as washcloths dipped in cold water and frozen may make a world of difference to how easy you find it to fall asleep.

This small amount of coldness can be all it takes to lower your body temperature to a comfortable level for sleep.

Sleep In A Colder Room

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If some rooms of your house retain heat more than others, consider moving your bed to an area of the house where temperatures are easier to control.

For some, this might be in a living room or on the coldest side of the house. If you have air conditioning, sleeping in the room that benefits the most from the cool air may also be worth your while.

Avoid Spicy Foods

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Think about the last time you ate spicy food and how it made you heat up and sweat.

While a spicy Mexican or Indian dish might be delicious on a hot summer’s day, it may also make it harder for you to fall asleep. Instead, eat light meals in the evening that make you feel more comfortable at night.

You may also like to consider snack foods that studies show lead to better sleep, such as warm milk, kiwifruit, walnuts, and almonds.

Sleep In A Colder Room

intertwined sleeping position

If some rooms of your house retain heat more than others, consider moving your bed to an area of the house where temperatures are easier to control.

For some, this might be in a living room or on the coldest side of the house. If you have air conditioning, sleeping in the room that benefits the most from the cool air may also be worth your while.

Limit Alcohol Before Bed

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Night sweats and hot flashes are commonly associated with alcohol consumption. This is because your blood vessels dilate and move closer to your skin’s surface.

While having a glass of wine with dinner may not be a problem, anything within the few hours before bed may contribute to a poor night’s sleep. 

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