10 Ways You Can Make Your Mattress Last Longer

mattress last longer

10 Ways You Can Make Your Mattress Last Longer
By: EzySleep


Mattresses don’t last forever and nothing you do will stop that from being a fact. Like all things in life, after a period of time, your mattress will expire. It'll start to sag and will ultimately negatively impact your physical and mental health. 

But even though we know that a replacement will be necessary, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make your mattress last longer. The following things below can be worth doing to ensure you get bang for your buck!

Research Your Mattress Support Options

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When you purchase a new mattress, you might be tempted to keep the base you’ve had for several years.

There’s every reason to believe it’s up to the task, but it may not be a suitable base for your new mattress based on the level of support it can provide.

The more support your mattress has, the more support you can have, and the longer the mattress may last.

Put thought into the type of new mattress that will work in harmony with your current base, or consider purchasing a new base when you buy a new mattress. Firm, supportive bases can be required for memory foam and specialty mattresses, while spring mattresses generally need box springs.

If you have a frame for your bed, it should be able to support your mattress and you quite comfortably with center support bars. 

Invest In A Mattress Protector

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We get it. After spending money on a new mattress, the last thing you likely want to do is spend even more on a mattress protector.

However, this one item may contribute to the increased longevity of your mattress. Some of the best mattress protectors for sale are waterproof while also reducing how much dirt, dust, debris, and other allergens make their way into your mattress.

Your mattress can look as good as new even years after you purchased it when you cover it with a protector. 

Wash Bedding Often

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If you aren’t washing your bedding every 1-2 weeks, now might be the right time to start changing your habits. While changing your sheets and pillowcases often is a good hygiene practice to establish, it can also benefit your mattress.

Unwashed bedding can lead to dust mites, skin cells, crumbs, and other allergens being able to enter your mattress.

A mattress protector does, of course, limit this happening, but it doesn’t eliminate it. Don’t forget to include your mattress protector in your washing routine, as well. 

Keep Pets Off The Bed

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As hard as it might be to stop your furry friends from jumping onto your bed for a snuggle, it can be important for making your expensive new mattress last longer.

Skin cells, fur, drool, and dirt can all be traipsed onto your bed and into your mattress, even if you don’t see the mess they leave behind. If your pets must be in your bedroom, bring in separate beds so they can share your space, but not your bedding. 

Don't Jump On The Bed

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While most adults won’t have any trouble refraining from jumping on their beds, it can be a worthwhile rule to implement in your household for children.

As fun as it might be, jumping on the bed can lead to premature wearing of frames, springs, and other bed components. Air beds, water beds, and spring beds can all be susceptible to accelerated wear and tear when a bed is misused in such a way. 

Rotate Mattress

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Read through the fine print of your mattress warranty, and you will likely see mention of rotation requirements.

All mattresses, regardless of their size and material, must be rotated frequently. This helps to even out wear and reduce the risk of impressions in the bed that make getting a peaceful night’s slumber much harder.

Get into the habit of rotating the mattress from head to foot at least once in a six-month period.

Or, if your manufacturer has specific instructions, follow these to a tee to ensure you’re abiding by the warranty requirements. 

Covid Cleaning Instructions

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Just as you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for rotation, it also pays to follow any recommendations they have for cleaning.

Generally, manufacturers provide instructions for how to remove stains and general cleaning practices. Spot treatment for stains is typically recommended, along with cleaning with mild water and soap solutions. Your manufacturer may also advise vacuuming every one to three months. 

Let There Be Light

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Your mattress will spend the majority of its lifespan covered up, but it’s essential to give it some natural light from time to time.

Align your linen-changing days with sunshine. Strip the bed, open the windows, and let your mattress get some much-needed air and light before covering it with sheets and blankets once more. 

Be Careful With Transportation

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When the time comes to move to a new home, take as much care with your mattress as you would with your fine china.

Avoid bending or folding it as you load it into a vehicle for transportation, and store it upright on its side. To avoid scuffs, rips, and other damage, wrap it for the journey. Most packaging stores offer wrap options for sale, but it can also be worth keeping the large bag your mattress came in when you first purchased it.

Even if your mattress has come with handles, don’t rely on these to carry the weight of the mattress while moving it. Instead, lift from the bottom or sides to avoid ripping the handles. 

Be Aware Of Bedbugs

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Bedbugs are common, which means even if your bed doesn’t have them, it doesn’t mean it never will.

You may be able to reduce the risk of bringing them home with you from other properties by keeping your luggage off flooring when you leave home at any time.

You may also be able to stop them coming home with you by not buying secondhand soft furnishings and mattresses.

Mattress Accessories

I should also mention some accessories you may need with your mattress to optimize your sleep experience:

EzySleep Mattress Box Spring

Box Spring - A sturdy foundation often made of wood that evenly distributes the weight of the mattress so it retains its integrity and also evenly distributes the full weight throughout the bed.

Bed Frame - Usually made of either metal or wood, it's a frame that elevates the mattress off the ground. Sometimes it will require a box spring but many platform bed frames are available on which you can just put the mattress directly.

EzySleep Mattress Metal Frame

The EZY Difference

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